Countdown to MDF X: EYEHATEGOD

I meant to write about Eyehategod about a week ago, but somehow I got sidetracked, and I know exactly how this happend. When I started to research for the write up on New Orleans sludge rock legends Eyehategod and their appearance Thursday, May 24 at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest, I totally became fascinated with the personality of their frontman Mike “IX” Williams. It’s not hard to do. So, Mike Nine, I apologize profusely. I spent so much time reading about you and your band that I actually thought I wrote the band’s profile, too.

My blogging oversight though, would be the least of Eyehategod’s worries. This band, and Williams, have persevered through drug addiction, Hurricane Katrina, temporary breakups, and now, most recently, a shunning by Scion A/V metal for who-knows-what. Drama, drama, drama. None of that really matters though because Eyehategod engenders the kind of ravenous and hardcore fan devotion that most bands can only drink themselves into believing they have.

And why is that? Well, just listen to them. Taking the best from bands like Black Sabbath, The Melvins and even some punk bands like Black Flag, Eyehategod grinds out distorted riffs and slamming rhythms that hypnotise the audience into a slow stoner sway. Unlike some stoner doom or sludge bands who use clean or traditional vocals, Eyehategod opts for the grindcore like screams and rants of lead vocalist Williams. And they don’t always keep the tempo at a snails pace, but will bust out a punk-inspired bridge in the middle of the slowest drone. Lyrically intelligent, Eyehategod explores violence, social unrest and personal emotional turmoil.

At one time a prolific “tweaker,” Williams now is a prolific tweeter. So if you are into Twitter, you can follow his commentary on society and all things related to Eyehategod and his side projects here. He has written a book called Cancer As a Social Activity. It’s powerful stuff that should be heard, so I have included a link to him reading from it below.

This stoner metal band was reportedly founded on the auspicious date of April 20, in 1988. Along with Williams, the current line up includes Jimmy Bower (guitars), Brian Patton (guitars), Gary Mader (bass) and Joey LaCaze (drums).  According to the running order on the MDF X website, they play after Absu and before Agalloch.

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