The Flying Eyes, Night Beats, Psychic Ills at Golden West Cafe

The Flying EyesNight BeatsThe Flying EyesNight BeatsPsychic IllsPsychic Ills
Night BeatsPsychic IllsNight BeatsPsychic IllsNight BeatsPsychic Ills
The Flying EyesPsychic IllsThe Flying EyesThe Flying EyesPsychic IllsThe Flying Eyes
Psychic IllsPsychic IllsNew Vinyl:The Flying EyesThe Flying EyesNight BeatsThe Flying Eyes

Last night, Golden West Cafe in Baltimore, Maryland, featured a trio of bands playing psychedelic, garage rock and soul.

Opening up was Baltimore’s The Flying Eyes. Sounding a little like a cross between The Doors, Grand Funk Railroad and Blue Cheer, this band is surfing that “new wave of psychedelia” yet with their own original twists. I picked up a vinyl copy of their newest recording Do So Wrong and will review it in the near future.

Reminiscent of The Animals and early Beatles, Night Beats got a little group of folks dancing. Definitely check out this Seattle trio. They were a ton of fun.

Lastly, Psychic Ills set the strobe lights to stun and lit some incense for their set. They were the slowest tempo group of the bunch and set almost a doomy vibe. I have never seen so many effects pedals in use by a keyboardist.

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