Countdown to MDF X: (47) Setherial

Sometimes it is best to listen to a band without the distractions of the visuals presented in a storyline video. That is what I had to do with Setherial, a Swedish black metal band founded in 1993. I prefer to just listen to Setherial’s excellent musicianship without watching their videos. The reason being, that in some cases, corpse paint, maggots and flaming skulls can become a bit overwhelming. Don’t show me how brutal you are, prove it to me with your music. Setherial does so!

Setherial plays that kind of fast guitar picking, melodic, blast beat driven kind of black metal that I favor. Their earlier recordings, such as 1996 Nord,  follow the minimalistic aural aesthetic of their black metal peers, while more recent albums, such as the 2010 Ekpyrosis, demonstrate a more lush, produced sound. Yet they never waver in their extreme brutality. Dark, grim, atmospheric and demonic and dare I say it, even EPIC compositions–Setherial delivers all that and more. If you are familiar with extreme groups like Tsjuder and Gorgoroth, you will appreciate Setherial.

Members include Infaustus (vocals), Kraath (guitar) and Mysteriis (drums). I know there is another member in Setherial but I cannot confirm who that person is. Setherial’s website lists Thurz, Metal Archives lists Empyion and Wikipedia lists Funestus! Whoever they bring, I am sure they will be exciting to watch! They perform Friday evening, May 25 at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest.

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