Countdown to MDF X: (49) Demigod

Demigod’s Friday appearance at the Maryland Deathfest reportedly will be their second to last show ever, EVER. (Their last show will be in June in their home country of Finland at the Tuska Festival in Helsinki.) But who knows for sure? Demigod has a record for breaking up and reuniting over their 22 year history. Why should we believe them?

Assuming that this actually will be one of their last shows, then, according to the band’s website, attendees at MDF should prepare to be treated to a nostalgic retrospective of music from Demigod’s most acclaimed recordings: Slumber of Sullen Eyes and Unholy Domain. “Slumber” made Terrorizer magazine’s list of 40 death metal albums you must hear. Once you hear it, you will agree.

The group’s current members include Tuomas Ala-Nissilä – Vocals, Jussi Kiiski – Guitars, Tuomas Karppinen – Guitars, Sami Vesanto – Bass and Tuomo Latvala – Drums. I am not going to bore you with descriptions. Just listen to this shit–it kicks so much ass on so many levels. Go to MDF! Heck, go to Tuska and see Demigod before they go away forever (or not)!

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