Countdown to MDF X: (51) Nashgul

Spain’s Nashgul is one of those kinds of grindcore bands that draws you in with the first few chords, and then just as you think you might be getting into the song — about 40 seconds or so later — the song is over. Naghul generally offers fast melodic riffs, pounding rhythms and deep growling vocals in neat, tidy little packages. The longest mp3 loaded onto their Facebook music page is 2:27, and most are close to a 60 seconds or shorter.

If your Spanish is any good, you might be able to figure out what they are singing about. Apparently their lyrical themes are social and political. There are plenty of horror movie sound clips or political (sounding) speeches thrown in as well on their studio recordings and splits. The also have recorded tributes to Nasum (who are performing later Friday night) and to Repulsion.

Founded in the city of A Coruña in 2001, members include Santi on vocals, Hector on guitar, Luis on bass and Ivan on drums. Just before  Nashgul’s show on Friday, May 25 at the Maryland Deathfest, Nashgul will stop by the Saint Vitus Bar on May 23 to do a show with Ghoul, Occultist and Pizzahifive. Afterward, will travel back up to New York to do a show on May 31, also at Saint Vitus, with Marrow, Skelptarsis and Cold Inside.

Since Nashgul’s songs tend to be short, here is a video clip from their 10th anniversary show in 2011 with about 20 minutes worth of music. This glimpse into the world of Spanish metal just goes to show you that metal heads are the same every where you go! \m/

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